Our Story

From our Family to yours, We’ve loved every minute of our journey!

Meet the Owner/Operator, Margaret Susan Bryant

 I have always had a love for animals, but never a desire to become a breeder. I had always wanted an English Bulldog and found Moe-Moe at a breeder in Florida. After 9 years he began to start having health issues. We never intended to stud him, he was fixed at an early age. He was bought for companionship only. We decided to look for him a friend with the hopes that he would have a play companion and feel better again.

We found Me-Me, a  Black Tri Color English Bulldog, and instantly fell in love. Little did we know how much joy she would bring our Moe-Moe and how perfect she would be to bring the puppy out of him and make him want to play again. She was a missing piece we didn't know was missing. Not only did she fill our hearts with Joy and Love, but she bonded with Moe-Moe. He was her protector, her friend, her brother. Moe-Moe enjoyed his time on earth with Me-Me,, he passed away in his sleep on September  23rd, 2017. 

After the passing of Moe-Moe, the search for the sire began to breed Me-Me with. We knew we needed a great stud of championship bloodline. We found Willie D, a beautiful blue eyed Black Tri Clear Patchwork Merle. The two are bonding and playing and growing up together and soon we hope to whelp our first litter. I do not intend to breed her more than three times and with any luck we will have a few females to continue the breed.

Our dogs are our FAMILY and are loved with the greatest passion. I am excited to bring beautiful, healthy English Bulldog Puppies to fur familes like mine and soon to yours.

Thank You.......Susan Bryant